The correct tools for an Interior Designer


We have so many different portals and information about basics of Interior Designing. I could learn so much about this field just by searching for specifics online. But there is one thing I couldn’t get my hands on, neither in any of the design books nor through online sources. Its is a very important part of designing though. The essential tools that are required for the process of Interior design. Like what kind of machine do I look for to get all my basic software’s working, what other tools do I carry on site to make the process more easy and less time consuming. So I’ll mention a few pointers below to help you understand this better.


When you go out in the market, there are many computers and laptops available today. It can get confusing and seem like a never ending choice that just does not fit in your budget. There are core’s and speeds that all seem like jebrish to us. Then the confusion about graphics card. To be or not to be.. Which is the right one, is it essential to get Nvidia graphics card  that can increase the cost of the machine that might lead to missing out on some other specifications. To get things very straight it all depends on the software you use.

Whether to get a MacBook/IMac or a Windows machine will all depend on what Autodesk software’s are the most essential to you. If you use 3Ds Max or Maya or Revit, a MacBook might not support those software’s since they are yet not available for Mac. If you only use AutoCAD, and do your 3D’s through some other platform like Google Sketch Up, then a Mac would really help you with the speed and quality or performance. Now that you know which Operating system to go for, lets look ahead. What more to look for in a machine.


The rendering of your 3D designs is basically done by the processor and the RAM of your machine. That is the CPU. It has very little to do with the graphics card or GPU of your computer or laptop. So even if you don’t have the latest Nvidia graphics card or have to make do with an AMD card, your software is going to run just fine as Interior Design renders in mental ray and Vray hardly use your graphics card. Instead save on that money and get the latest i5 or i7 processor with a high RAM memory upto 8GB or 16GB.

One thing no one talks about is the DISPLAY of your computer. Nowadays a lot of display technologies are out in the market. From IPS or TN LED’s. Anti glare to Truelife or backlit displays. Full HD or HD. Always keep in mind one thing, do not go for an anti glare or matte display if you want to view your images as true to life and natural as possible. Matte displays cut down on the light reflection on them that is from the outside and also from behind the screen. So the images you see will look very washed out, dull and will not pop out or be as vibrant as on a glossy display. And this can have an impact on your presentations as they won’t look as eye catching as they would otherwise on a glossy screen. And also Matte displays have an unusual grainy effect in light colours and specially in whites. Rest the best display would be an IPS, but even if you go for a TN its fine. HD or Full HD depends on your budget and won’t really have that big an impact on the quality of pictures you see on it.

engaging-laptopstand2-images-of-on-interior-design-laptop-stand-for-desk-macPreviously there was a lot of emphasis on assembled computers for Interior Design because Graphics rendering could get very tiresome and take extremely long with lower specs available on a laptop. Now that has changed. If you can’t afford desktop plus portable laptop or don’t have space for a desktop its fine. Just a laptop with good specifications would suffice. We can go up to 32GB of RAM in laptops today and have all kinds of latest technologies available in them. They can be modified as well these days. So a good laptop is just fine for all your rendering and editing purposes.



Measuring tape – Always have a measuring tape handy you never know when the client wants to get into the details of the design.

A good Compass – Nowadays people are very concerned about directions in design. Vastu and Feng Shui have become very important aspects of design. Carry a Compass when in to the planning stages. Once the design is ready, it won’t be as necessary.

Visiting card – Though its not exactly a tool, but it definitely helps to have one handy. On site many times there are friends or relatives of the client visiting, always helps to increase business.

Paint shade card/palette – Purchase and keep a colour palette with you in your office. Don’t need to carry it to site at all times but having one handy really helps when co-ordinating the design.

Notepad and marker or sketching pens – Always have a Notepad ready to note down any pointers or specifics a client mentions. It even helps to list down the materials required to proceed with the design.

maxresdefaultA tablet or portable device – These days you get many small tablets that are easy to carry and help in presentation on the go. So if you can afford to get an iPad or Microsoft Surface, it will really help you with things.



These were a few things that most designers generally don’t discuss and you won’t learn in any design school that will really help you on site. So grab your bag and get to work. Happy Designing.. 🙂



Closet Features That Make Storage A Breeze

There are lots of different features that can usually be seen in a closet. All these features have been designed to make storage easier and to also help you better organize all your clothes and accessories. Of course, they all differ according to each person’s needs and preferences.

Tie storage.


If you have a nice collection of ties and want to keep them organized, then a drawer with several compartments would be perfect. You can either have them rolled up and stored in small compartments or you can display them in a specially-designed drawer. Another option would be to hang your ties in a designated space.

Pull-out pant racks.



Nobody likes their pants to be all wrinkly and with ugly lines due to improper storage. But this problem can be easily solved. One solution would be to have pull-out pant racks. Not only that they are very practical and take little space but they also keep your pants beautifully stored and organized.

Valet poles.



Valet poles are also very practical and useful. They are also more versatile than you’d think. You can use them for regular storage for things such as shirts or you can use them to singularize a certain piece of clothing, to highlight its importance if, for example, you’re planning on wearing it on a special occasion.

Jewelry organizer.



Everyone has accessories that they would like to store somewhere where they can be close at hand yet nicely displayed. You can store and organize your jewelry and accessories in drawers. You can have a drawer divided into several compartments of different shapes and sizes for various items such as sunglasses, watches, bracelets and other similar items.

Thus a few simple additions to your closet can help you a great deal in organising your storage.

A Money Plant.. Eco-friendly details that help save money..

How to Save Money By Greening Your Home..

There are many expensive products that will help you go green and save money, such as purchasing solar panels. Luckily, there are many small and cheap changes that can be made to a home in order to be more green and eco-friendly. These small changes can actually save a lot of money and the environment over time. Here are some tips for going green and saving money with little up front cost.


Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

If one of your light bulbs burns out, replace it with an eco-friendly fluorescent bulb (CFL bulbs or LED lights). They only use a fraction of the electricity required for a standard incandescent light bulb and only need replacing every 7 years or so. Fluorescent light bulbs cost a little more than standard incandescent light bulbs, but you will save money due to lower electricity bills.

Use Cold Water Instead of Hot

Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot or warm water can actually save a lot of money over time. Most clothes that are not very dirty will get just as clean in cold water as in hot water, so why waste the electricity? Also try drying your clothes outside on a clothes line instead of in a dryer.

Eliminate Phantom Power

You have probably learned this one as a child and may need a reminder – turn off the lights when you leave the room. Many household appliances also use phantom power, which is power that is used when the appliance is turned off. To eliminate phantom power, unplug your appliances when they are not in use. You can also plug your appliances into a plug strip and turn off the plug strip. Eliminating or reducing phantom power can significantly reduce your electricity bill and save you money.

Select Energy Efficient Appliances

The next time you purchase an appliance, look at the energy ratings listed on that appliances verses other similar appliances. Select one that uses less electricity, which will save you money.

Change Your Air Filters

Change your home’s air filters regularly. New air filters allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently, use less electricity, and reduce the strain on your air conditioner so it will need costly maintenance less frequently.

Use Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans to keep your home cooler. Instead of Air conditioners or coolers.

Check your home’s insulation to make sure it is well insulated. Insulation keeps the cool air inside your home in the summer and the warm air inside your home in the winter passively saving you money.  Check your insulation every few years to make sure it is still at appropriate levels since it will deteriorate and flatten over time making it less effective.

In order to make a house more green, you should focus on 4 major elements – making the house lower maintenance, more energy efficient, healthier, and have little waste.


Lower Maintenance

Make the exterior of your house masonry instead of a product that will require painting or regular pressure washing to be lower maintenance. Use flooring that does not require refinishing such as linoleum, tile, or concrete. Use a metal or vinyl alternative fencing instead of wood fencing may need to be replaced every 10 years. Paying a little more up front for a quality product that will not require as much maintenance may save you money in the long run and will aid you in having a greener home.

More Energy Efficient

Select items for your home that are more energy efficient and use sustainable materials that require less resources in order to have a greener home. You can get double paned windows, add more insulation to your home, use low flow water fixtures,  plant trees to shade your home and make it cooler, use ceiling fans to lessen the need for air conditioning, power your home with renewable energy such as solar panels or by using a green energy provider, use Energy Star or other energy efficient appliances, use fluorescent or LED lights instead of standard incandescent, use bamboo or cork flooring that is more renewable than new hardwood flooring, and have a drip sprinkler system that is more efficient than a standard sprinkler system.


Use organic linens, an organic mattress, organic bedding, chemical free rugs, organic cleaning supplies, and no VOC (volatile organic compound) paint in your home to make it more green. Use a door mat to keep some of the dirt out of your home which will require cleaning less often.  Open your windows to let fresh air inside since most homes have a higher air pollution inside than the outside air of most cities.  Add potted plants to the inside of your home to help clean the air.

Little Waste

A green home has little waste and recycles as much as possible. Reuse materials you already have, recycle materials you no longer want, and purchase recycled materials as much as possible. Refinish your kitchen cabinets instead of buying new. Vintage and antique accessories add warmth and individuality to a home.

So these are a few tips that are easy and not very expensive to keep your house Eco-friendly and help you save money in the long run.



A Feast for your Eyes..

Let me bring to you a riot of ideas for a bold, bright and beautiful dining table setting. A perfect space to eat and enjoy.

Beautiful Table settings very attractive is necessary, especially if you often have guests who eat at home, then the design of the dining table should be stunning and captivating so that your guests be more pleased and amazed with the atmosphere in the . It’s true that dining at a restaurant and dining at home are two completely different experiences but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy special and memorable moments in the comfort of your own home, without the presence of other people except your loved ones. Dinner experiences at home feel more intimate and they can take all sorts of forms. But for that you also need a proper décor. Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Dining rooms or areas in India tend to be rather small spaces. Beautiful mirrors with artistic frames or a mirror panel helps reflect light creating an illusion of space.


Even though black seems like a very strong color it can be very elegant sometimes. For example, a black dining room would actually look very beautiful if decorated properly. Here, for example, we have a dining room with black floors, black, high-back chairs and a black accent wall with beautiful textured wallpaper. But even so the room is not dark and depressing. The minimalist wood table and the large windows but also the white ceiling and the mirror managed to balance the décor.


Tired of changing flower arrangements every day? Invest in synthetic flowers such as these in the picture. Light a candle or fairy lights, and watch the rays bounce off the wood and the mirrors in the room.


If you want to have the same feeling of freedom and openness that you have in a restaurant, you can try to organize your dining area in a space that has access to the outdoor or that at least features a large window or glass door. This way you can admire the surroundings at all times. And if the room feels too small or too narrow you can solve that problem with a large wall mirror.


If you want to add an accent element to your dining room but you want something more original, you could choose to turn your ceiling into a work of art. I am not talking about elaborate paintings or graffiti but about something simpler. You could either paint stripes on the ceiling or choose a more eye-catching pattern. Then you can also add the usual accent pieces: a beautiful chandelier, a mirror and maybe even a vase with beautiful flowers.


Colors like white and blue can be very refreshing and beautiful but they are cold colors so they’re not the best choice if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your dining room. For that you could reorient towards colors such as brown, beige, yellow or red.

So, in conclusion, you can find a lot of different ways to design a dining room focusing on various minor details and if done correctly the result will be great and surprising. Arranging a room in order to make it look nice is not as easy as it may seem. You might have lots of nice things that you can buy from the store but they do not always get well together and also they do not always fit the general look of the room or house. So design your dining room wisely and let it be a feast for your eyes.

Candles.. A Dancing Flame..

Not many of us know the power of candles. Candles? Power? Candles had power?


Candles do have powers. Very strong ones. First hand experience. You can have it too.

After a tired day at work, I had reached home. My parents had gone to visit some relatives. I opened the door. It was pitch dark. My mother usually switches on the lights when she’s around. Today I had to do it myself.

I switched on the lights. The bright CFL tube hit my face.

It was then that I realised how beautiful the darkness had been.

I had a nice hot shower and decided to light up the aromatic candles my dad had bought one day, but were lying unused in some corner of the house.

The Dancing Flame of the candle seemed to beautify the darkness. Curbing the reflexes to reach for the remote, I soaked in the aromas resting on the sofa. It felt divine. 🙂

So here’s how it works. Candles are actually a matter of personal choice and what appeals to our senses but if you pick up the right color and fragrance you can trap the candle power. Each colour, fragrance has a meaning and significance. Use them wisely and enhance your living.

Yellow candles increase decision-making capabilities. They encourage conversation and good humour. Mildly scented candles help ease mental tension.


Spruce up your love life by lighting red candles in your bedroom..They are known to increase passion.


Pink candles create a more calm and romantic mood than sensual red. When combined with a rose perfume, they can create a warm, friendly and inviting feeling.


White candles encourage spirituality, wholeness and purity. This is why they are so often used in wedding ceremonies and other special occasions. They help bring pure energy to the surroundings.


Lavender-scented candles can help to create a feeling of security, comfort and calm. Light a lavendar candle before you take a warm bath and experience a deep sense of relaxation.


Ever bought a green candle? They increase financial energies in your life. Forest green candles can also be very effective in promoting and stimulating mental and emotional healing.


When it comes to using candles for a cure, say to enhance your financial stability, make sure the candles burn in the same place for at least three hours.


It’s time to feel the difference!

It’s time to let the candles glow !

Pearls of Wisdom..

    ImageDuring school and college my deep interest for writing and literature wasn’t unknown. Having been a part of innumerable elocution competitions and always ready to speak, always having something to say, was a trait many knew I possessed. My wonderful teacher’s being equally supportive of that always gave me the opportunity of putting forward my view and in an unbiased manner supported my talent.

    In time I found my calling in Interior Design. Moving ahead from the beautiful world of expression through literature to the world of expression through art and creativity. Somewhere though I always had the urge to continue writing. The pearls of wisdom seemed to have settled in a corner of my mind waiting to pour out at the slightest inclination. As a result I started using various mediums like a page on facebook, my webpage, through different communities to express all I had to say, to let those little Pearl’s of wisdom out. But still I couldn’t be very consistent due to the lack of time and the medium’s not being completely equipped to help my cause.

    That until my father advised me to start writing a blog. The correct medium for all the creativity I had in me to be poured out. I completely took to that idea, and here I am writing my blog. Having tons to say, and with a commitment to post at least one article a week.Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.. 🙂

    I am really greatful to all the lovely members on my page on facebook, I look forward to many more lovely people joining me in my quest for the betterment of Interior Design as a field and enhancing the beauty of this world.